Bombay Bassment is an urban outfit made solid by 2 Goans, 1 South Indian & 1 African. This eclectic mix of artists has led to a sound that defines the grass roots of each, the outcome of which is an upbeat blend of Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggae, Funk & Drum ‘n Bass. Despite different cultural n hence musical backgrounds, the band still manages to pull off a sound that cuts through every soul.

Yet to figure out the source of this artistic force, the band is on an expedition to play as many, to as many.



Bobkat (Robert Omulo) “MC / Rap”

Levin (Levin Mendes) “drums”

Ruell (Ruell Barretto) “bass”

Chandu (Chandrashekhar Kunder) “samples / percussion”

Bobkat is a veteran MC and DJ originally from Kenya, his destiny led him onto the Mumbai scene over 12 years ago. Formulating his lyrics and sound around the rhythms of his life, Bobkat brings a distinctive flavor to the dance-floor. Levin & Ruell are the original founders of Bombay Bassment and have been active on the Indie scene for the past 8 years! With 15 years of experience, Chandu started off as a resident DJ at landmark clubs in Mumbai and is currently the co-producer of Bombay Bassment along with Deep, founder of Indiaudio (an Independent music label).

Bombay Bassment Crew

Photo Courtesy: Bobin James


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