Photo Courtesy: What’s The Scene

New Single

Topiwalleh [Bombay Bassment Mix]

Original track by Swarathama
Live from The Console, Mumbai – 17th Sep, 2011
LIVE @ Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune – Nov 2010:

1. Hip-Hop [Never Be The Same] :
Released on Stupid Ditties 4:  Awesome Foursome Compilation
2. Represent:
  1. zoneofsilence says:

    A great effort by BB.

    Our country has a wealth of music bands which need support in terms of sponsorship, promotions and safeguarding of interests.

    Its high time we lend our support to them and give them a platform to stand on par with their international counterparts.

  2. Petrina says:

    You’ll are amazing!

    Saw youll perform at Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai and all I have to say is brilliant. Thank you for giving us your music. Really. Thank you!

    But just wanted to know where the hell can I download your music from?! Looking for all the tracks that you’ll perform

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!


    • wow! this is the most overwhelming response we must have ever got.

      You can download our single from , also we planning to release 5 track EP sometime in April which will be made available as free download.

      We are performing on 12th March, 6pm at Hanging Garden – Malabar Hill for The Revival of Bandstand Culture concert – free gig. Drop by if you have no plans.


  3. RATM says:

    hi…..regards from nepal…….one of the most underrated hiphop groups…….great music……..see you someday live…….cheers

  4. Me and my friends attended Weekender at BIC and listened Bombay Bassment for the first time… we were there sitting right in front of the stage (may be you guys saw us many times) bored and high near the console and KABOOM!!… whoaahhh…. amazing bass lines.. drum beats..the DJ and a Rapper… The King Of The Bongos..
    and then we danced,hopped, head banged..and everything… You guys not only made us your Fan that day but you gave us lots of amazing memories too… Keep it up… 😀
    and thanx for comming on weekender…

    • thank you so much Maitreya. thats very motivating. truly appreciate. glad you liked our set. we’ll be out with our album soon. do keep a tab on us on fb or twitter. n hope to see u when in delhi next. cheers 🙂

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