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MTV India

Back to Roots

Although we shot the (debut) video of our 1st single Hip Hop [Never Be The Same] with modest target of Youtube, it is been very overwhelming to see our low budget D.I.Y. video has  been on national television, first it was premiered on VH1 India Rules and now we are celebrating in anticipation of the video premiere on MTV Roots. 

Since the video’s launch earlier this year, it has been aired on VH1 where although it was initially intended to run for only 10 days on VH1 India Rules, it is still aired to date, three months later on VH1 Hit Factory.

Shot on a modest budget (INR 9.5K to be precise) by our emcee & first time directors Bobcat and Akshit at locations in Kurla (West) and in Versova with help from many volunteers. Since its debut, it has drawn mixed reactions from viewers, but co director and cinematographer Bob is certainly flying high and not at all fazed by the reactions – he feels

“This is a victory for all independent and unsigned artists. We shot this thing for Youtube, and now it shares a platform with multi lakh budget videos on TV, made by seasoned directors with all state of the art production technology and equipment, so imagine what we’d do if we had all that”.

The ‘Hip Hop [Never Be The Same]video goes on air on MTV this Friday at 8.30 PM on MTV Roots program.


The Mumbai Hip Hop Temple

Introducing Bombay Bassment

The sound of the band is not your everyday Lil’ Wayne type of hip hop, or a straight commercial kind of reggae, it all boils down to the various influences injected into every track that makes it not flat out this or that, but a cocktail of all. Currently prepping for their first gig, their sound has already received wide approval from the Mumbai indie scene, they have already got at least two of their tracks in various compilations by music companies, and this 3rd Nov, Wednesday, they make their live debut at Bonobo for the Stupid Ditties 4: Awesome Foursome… (Read More)